The incident occurred in the 62nd minute of the clash with scores locked at 2-2, with Wanderers needing to win to claim a finals spot, which they ultimately missed.

The independent Match Review Panel (MRP) – consisting of Simon Micallef (Chair), Alan Contini and Alan Davidson – convened on Monday to consider the incident.

The MRP has the authority to consider the incident as Baccus was issued with a direct Red Card by the Referee.

The MRP determined that Baccus had committed the offence of “Assault on a Player (e.g. violent conduct when not challenging for the ball) including an attempted Assault on a Player.” 

The MRP has proposed a sanction of two (2) matches, being the Minimum Sanction for the offence.

Baccus has until 12pm (AEST) Tuesday to advise whether he wishes to appeal the two-game sanction proposed by the MRP.