Only Archie Thompson and Besart Berisha have scored more Victory goals than the Kiwi – but after previous disappointing spells in Russia and Greece, Barbarouses is now keen to test himself again.

"Overseas is something that is enticing me at the moment. I can't rule out anything," he told AAP today.

"I've got a little one on the way in September. It's not just two people I have to worry about from here on. It's going to be three.

"Instead of being nervous about it, I'm excited about what my options are going to be and what the end situation is going to look like.

"I need to see what Victory can do for me, what I'm worth to them...not saying that in a negative way but that's the way the cap works.

"I'm confident there's going to be quite a bit of interest with the season I've had.

"I know my finals performances are probably going to dictate it. I want to finish on a high and then see what happens."