Petratos’s outrageous swerving free-kick - the product of years of practice on the training ground made waves globally and was likened to some of the great long-range bombs in world football.

But rather than seeking the adulation of his viral goal, the quietly spoken former Blacktown junior is more concerned with doing the same in his next game against Wellington Phoenix.

“I know about it,” he said about the world-wide reaction to his goal. “But I don’t pay that much attention.

"I get on with my game so that’s in the past now. I’m just looking forward to the game and will try and replicate or try and help my team with another situation like that again.

“If it’s in shooting range of course I’m going to try and score like everyone would, otherwise if it’s a bit further out or on the side you try and assist somebody.”

What makes the 24-year-old’s goal unique is that the power was generated through the outside of his foot - a technique that Petratos chose because of the distance to goal.

“Growing up I tried a lot of ways striking a ball,” he said.

“When I took free kicks, I practiced a few different ways and that was one way I liked practicing.

"It was a little bit further out so, I thought I’d hit it with the laces. If it was a little bit closer, I’d have hit it with more of a bend but thought I’d go for power this time.”

Before he attempted the free-kick Petratos pictured the direction of the shot and once he struck the ball and saw it heading towards goal there was just a brief moment where he thought it wasn't going in.

“I put the ball down and had a good look at the wall,” he said.

“I’d thought I’d go the keepers side but he was standing a little bit more in the middle. So, I just made sure I hit the target and went it towards the right side.

“As soon as it went past the wall I could see it going towards the goal and I thought I just hope it doesn’t hit the post but it didn’t so, it went in and I am pretty happy it went in like that.”

Meanwhile Petratos is hoping that the Brisbane’s luck will change after three straight losses in a row.

 “I hoped the results had gone more our way,” he said.  

“We’ve been unlucky the last few games that we’ve lost. We’ve just go to keep working hard and hopefully our luck will change.”