Bruno Fornaroli

He has not yet come alive in the same way that we saw at Melbourne City, but El Tuna is still pretty damn good.

Fornaroli has developed an excellent understanding with his forward partners, especially Diego Castro, which has only made Perth Glory that much more frightening.

It is no surprise that it was El Maestro who assisted El Tuna for his goal against Adelaide United. Fornaroli received the pass from Diego Castro before turning goalside to plenty of space with defenders retreating.

Rather than try to dribble past and get into the box, Fornaroli pulled the trigger from well outside the box and accurately nailed the bottom left corner.

After a slow start, Glory are now six wins from six, and with Fornaroli leading the lines, there could even be a potential challenge for league leaders Sydney.

Matt Simon

The name that divides the nation. Some people love him, others loathe him. What you can’t deny, though, is that he always provides entertainment.

On a 10 minute cameo, Simon managed to score two goals – both from penalties – get into a tussle with opponents and have his shirt ripped, still torn when he took his second penalty.

It was quintessential Simon. He almost certainly added a few more enemies on his already long list, but he also helped Mariners fight in a remarkable comeback against Victory.