The world football governing body will meet on May 30 and 31, with a vote on proposed legislation regarding racist conduct set to take place.
And the 77-year-old said that directives on racism and match-fixing are the priorities of the two-day conference.
"We have two very important situations, or let's say three, on this agenda," he said. 
"The first is a resolution against racism and discrimination - it must be a resolution by the 209 associations in order for the resolution to be binding. 
"Then we have an information one and, it's kind of a resolution. We are appealing to the help of the authorities and police organisations in the fight against match manipulation. And the third one is to give ladies better access to FIFA's executive committee."
Blatter also had his say on Saturday's UEFA Champions League final, which will see Borussia Dortmund take on Bayern Munich at Wembley.
"We have two of the best teams in Europe, obviously as they wouldn't be in the final. The semi-final was Spain against Germany," he added.
"You see if you speak about the best players from Germany in the two teams, you have to look at the national teams as well and you can see that it is Germany, it is Spain, plus it is also becoming Italy. 
"If you look at the majority of the national team players they play in their own leagues. This is the solution that everybody should have in the national leagues, the players should play in their respective leagues, where possible. 
"Not all because there is always exceptions. This is a real confirmation of the approach that we have made in FIFA over many years to have at club level a quota of national players."