Bolt is expected to line up as a striker when the Mariners face Sydney South West's NPL All Stars at Campbelltown Stadium.

"This will determine what the club want to do with my career, so it's a very important game," the Jamaican said.

"I've been improving but you don't know what level you're at until you play a competitive game, so I just have to go there and see what I need to do whether I should continue or not.

"I'm just pushing myself and have put in the work, so now I have to go out there and execute."

Bolt feels he has improved after several weeks of training with the A-League club.

"My movement and my touch is much better now," he said.

"How to set my body, where to place the ball. There is a lot of things I have learned. I am much fitter now so I will have more time on the field and that is good."