Glory were defeated 3-2 at home on Saturday night by Brisbane Roar in a do or die clash fo both clubs' top six hopes.

But in another frustrating season for fans, the club ended the regular season in 8th place and well off the trophy hunt.

Glory have never lifted silverware in the A-League era and Bosnich rated its latest season 4 out of 10, suggesting to was time to go back to the fans and ask for direction.

"I think they have to have a complete rethink as to which direction they wish to go," Bosnich told Fox Sports after Glory went down to Roar.

"(Coach) Kenny Lowe plays a specific type of football which, when it goes well goes really well, but when it doesn't, it doesn't look particularly good to the eye.

"They may really have to get to the bottom of what type of club they want to be, their culture and so forth.

Taggart: It's not good enough

Adam Taggart has panned Perth Glory's effort in their do or die clash with Brisbane Roar at nib Stadium on Saturday night.

"I think a few forums with the fans wouldn't go amiss to find that out because the bottom line is, really, wth a salary capped competition it's designed so each team can basically have a turn, if you like, and that's going to stop very very soon."

Apart from 2011/12, when the WA outfit finished the season third and lost the Grand Final to Roar, Glory have never pushed higher than 5th. The club has had more success in the FFA Cup with two losing final appearances.

Bosnich added: "They've got to sort themselves out because they're the only team over there in the west, they've got a lot of talent out there and they need to have a bit of a revamp and a rethink about which way to go."