Izzo followed through on his promise to give Diawara a celebratory kiss last weekend after vowing to do so during the star striker's epic rehab on the sidelines for the Reds. 

The keeper - set to notch up his 100th A-League appearance in the finals clash with Melbourne City this weekend - tried to keep his mate's spirits up by talking about how they would celebrate his first goal on his return to action.

And today the glovesman pledged to repeat his run from one end to the other to join in the celebrations – providing Diawara does the double.

"He was out for ages - months and months and months," said Izzo today. "He had a really tought time, especially off the pitch. 

"There was a lot of pressures coming from supporters, other teams, social media and everything, putting him down.

"He's my teammate so I wanted to look after him, keep him upbeat, joke around.

"I told he was going to score when he comes back and he did – and I said I would run up the pitch and he said: NO! NO!

"And I said yes, I am...and I kept my promise."

But while Izzo is hoping Baba can double his return this weekend, Adelaide are aware they've struggled all season long against City.

"There's no doubt they've obviously been our bogey team," he admitted. "But obviously what a time to get our first victory over them in the finals.

"That's our main aim. We're not to fussed about our record against them. We'll do the most import job against them on Sunday. That's all that counts."