The Socceroo says the A-League isn't currently competitive from top to bottom, despite the salary cap in place, and the addition of more foreign players could increase interest in the division.

An overhaul of the A-League salary cap could result in the addition of up to 60 marquee players next season, according to reports.

The proposed change would see foreign players exempted from the competition's salary cap, which could allow all 12 A-League clubs to sign up to five marquee players each.

As it stands, Australian top flight clubs are only allowed two marquee players outside of the salary cap per club.

"Great stuff, we have to follow this (proposal). It's something that the league would need. It's the tonic that teams would need," Jamieson told RSN.

Jamieson pointed out the gap between the top and bottom in last season's table and says the league should be opened up.

"We look at the league now. We had a chat with the Players Football Association yesterday.

"The league in itself is quite open. Last year there were 42 points between last and first in a salary-cap league. If you're going to have that in a salary-cap league then open it up a little bit in regards to the foreigners too.

"Let teams invest in the foreigners outside the cap. Get some names. I'm not talking about big, big names but I'm talking about quality names coming from the Premier League that can really help teams.

"The reason for the salary cap is to make it (the A-League) competitive. At the moment it isn't competitive."