They’re helped by Rugby Australia, who recently pushed for a rebuild to the 18,000 capacity venue. Ballymore currently costs R.A $1 million per year in maintenance and depreciation.

Football Federation Australia recently supported a move to rebuild the stadium to enforce Australia’s 2023 Women’s World Cup bid.

Brisbane City’s chairman, Robert Cavallucci, believes the stadium could be a deciding factor in FFA’c choice of A-League expansion locations.

"Ballymore is a historic sporting venue with a great legacy," Brisbane City chairman Robert Cavallucci told AAP.

"It deserves to be returned to the pinnacle of elite sport.

"We've got a history of playing games there, it's part of our natural home on the north side of Brisbane, it sits right in the middle of our six hectares of playing fields.

"Brisbane City is absolutely committed to supporting the QRU and the business case for delivering a boutique rectangular stadium supported by a dedicated high performance centre for multiple codes - rugby and football."