The three goals in the match were all exemplary of the beautiful game of football, with two sumptuous crosses and one convincing header.

Victory’s positive opening 30 minutes proved key, as they created a two-goal buffer that the Roar simply couldn’t overcome.

(And to round out Spanish Week in the A-League, let’s rate the players using Spanish numbers…)

Brisbane Roar

Jamie Young – Nueve (9)

The Roar’s goalkeeper exemplified yet again the positive impact that good form has on a player. Young made three very impressive saves (with one from point blank range), maintaining a somewhat positive morale within his team throughout the match. He couldn’t do much to stop the two goals scored against him.

Jack Hingert – Cinco (5)

It was a fairly quiet game for Hingert, as he failed to make a significant impact on the flow of the match and movement of the ball. The second half brought about some clumsy moments for him. Overall he was solid, but far from outstanding.

Jacob Pepper – Cinco (5)

Another quiet player in this match, Pepper didn't make any serious mistakes, however, there were elements of his play that were sloppy. He did his job, but not enough to push his team towards a win.

Daniel Bowles – Seis (6)

He showed great defensive awareness in the backline, setting a positive example for his teammates. Bowles’ clearances were helpful throughout the game, although, he wasn’t always convincing in his actions.

Connor O’Toole – Cinco (5)

Not many Brisbane players dominated the match, and O’Toole followed this trend. His runs while on the ball were consistently good. He did lose possession too easily on occasions, though.