“We have a team that represents us, please come and support us,” said 52-year-old Carbone, a long time resident of Eaglevale, a suburb in the Macarthur region. “Rugby league abandoned us, we have no AFL presence, no basketball or cricket team. Football is what represents us!”

The Bulls have worked closely with the local region to build community support. The club is only averaging 3,000 crowds despite reducing membership fees and ticket prices. 
The Macarthur region has 310,000 residents and is set to boom in the coming decade. The local football association also has 10,000 participants. 
“We have enough people in the region to get at least 10,000 to a game,” said Carbone, who is a school teacher in the region. “I have been involved in the game here for 20 years. There is an appetite for it, so there is no reason why people can’t go.”
Carbone urged the club to be reasonable with ticket prices, encouraging them to provide discounted tickets to local clubs and schools. 
“We live in a working class area, some of the prices are a bit out of reach for the average fan. Perhaps the Bulls can offer a discount for club participants in the local region. I am not sure if they do that already. 
“Also it would be great to get more school kids there. I know many play half-time activations at games and so on. They should reach out to local schools, offer excursions and discounts and make sure everyone knows about the Bulls.”
Macarthur have a Bulls in Schools program which kicked off last year and has already reached over 10,000 kids across 30 different schools. 
The club also had ‘Bulls Cup’ during the school holidays with over 1000 grass roots football players from 20 local clubs participating. 
The Bulls tackle Melbourne City on Saturday night at Campbelltown Stadium.

Junior participants in the region will be given a free ticket to the game if they registered through MyFootball for the club’s ‘Bulls in the Backyard offer.”

Carbone added: “Saturday night at the football, what could be better? We have got the sporting team the region needed. Come out and support us.”