Cahill's contract with Indian Super League side Jamshedpur has expired ā€“ and Cahill has chosen to finally retire from playing at the age of 39.

He quit the Socceroos after the World Cup in Russia with 50 goals from 108 games to his name, but played on at club level for one more season in India.

Today though he told Optus Sport, it was now time to give it up completely.

"I'm an old man now in football years," he told Optus.Ā "I'd love to keep playing, you know 39, had a great stint for six months in India.

"But I'm interested in TV, going to start my A Licence and spend quality time with my family and chill out for a bit.

"It was amazing to play in four big continents. I had a great career and I'm really thankful.

"Iā€™m someone that massively respects the game and I'll take my time to learn more.

"Coaching is something that's definitely going to be on the horizon."