Cahill scored over 50 Premier League goals in over 200 appearances for the Toffees between 2004 and 2012.

The Everton legend believes Everton have slowly lost their direction since he left the club.

"It's confusing and I think (the fans) are confused too," Cahill told Sky's Goals on Sunday show.

"I feel we've lost our identity as a club. I feel like there's nothing that we're really stamping and building around.

"Forget about when I was there or some of the players before, but we had a group of players and a basis that was built on and then added to.

"We were looking to the long-term plan of how we were going to evolve as a football club.

"Now it seems that we're just making signings and the chemistry is not there."

Now-Netherlands national team boss, Ronald Koeman, took over the reigns at Everton under new ownership, publicly hoping he could use the club as a stepping stone to an eventual dream-job at Barcelona.

A torrid start to the season eventuated, culiminating in Koeman's sacking and the appointment of Sam Allardyce to save the club from potential relegation. 

Although there was a mixture of hype and disappointment at the conservatism of Allardyce's appointment, Everton's languid form of late has confirmed suspicions that the club were seeking a short-term appointment.

"On the pitch it's just not linking well," Cahill said.

"It's difficult to watch if I'm honest because of the quality. You want a big owner with money. OK, we've got that, but that doesn't always bring you success overnight.

"But I know the fans want some passion, they want an identity.

"When you look back to Roberto Martinez's style of football maybe the Everton fans were impatient.

"Under David Moyes maybe they thought it was getting stale. But now you can appreciate what you've lost."