But Ministry of Sound are a label, not a band, you may ask?

Pfft, stop being old fashioned. The 'So Fresh' of the 2010s represent(ed) the ever-changing musical soundscape, where instruments take a back seat to turntables and turntables take a backseat to Macbooks.

The Ministry of Sound Orchestrated performance, set for this year's showpiece, presents a slightly broader-than-usual musical collection, featuring tracks from the last 25 years and fronted by Potbelleez singer Ilan Kidron.

FFA are hoping to expand on the success of last year's Grand Final entertainment, a light-and-sound extravaganza hosted by 'The Stickmen' which drew overall positive reviews.

But to be fair, Australian sports codes have tended to set a relatively low bar.

The AFL has been broadly mocked over the past few years for their half-time entertainment choices, best summed up by a tired-looking Meatloaf struggling to stay awake through his own performance in 2011.

The NRL have been a little more consistent, also hedging their bets on certain demographic through the likes of Cold Chisel, Angry Anderson and...Cold Chisel again.

But those with long memories will be well aware of the good ol' 80s NRL, featuring entertainment from the cast of Neighbours. Classic. 

FFA Head of Leagues, Greg O’Rourke, reckons Ministry of Sound will put on an even greater show this time around.

“The Hyundai A-League Grand Final is the biggest day in the competition’s calendar and we have worked hard to give the fans an event that will be entertaining and memorable,” said O’Rourke.

 “Last year’s performance by the Stickmen was really well received by fans and we believe that the pre-match show featuring the Ministry of Sound will be even better for both the fans in the venue and those watching from home.

“In addition to the entertainment, we will also be recognising a number of players pre-match who have given fantastic service to the Hyundai A-League over many years.

“Current sales suggest we can potentially expect a full house on Sunday afternoon and we are confident that this will be remembered as an amazing event in the history of Australian Football."