In January Australia's Under-23s qualified for the Tokyo Games, the first Olympics the country has qualified for since Beijing in 2008.

The Olyroos could come up against the likes of footballing superpowers Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and Spain in Japan.

But keeper Holmes is confident this Aussie side can make a dent at the tournament.

"We all believe when we're in Tokyo we can match any team on our day," he told FTBL.

"We hope to cause a few upsets there and go as far as we can in the Olympics. Fingers crossed, we've love to make some history."

England-based Holmes was part of the Olyroos squad that qualified for Tokyo in January and ended Australia's Olympic drought.

"It was surreal," he admitted.

"We all thought before can we actually do this? Are we even going to get close to doing this?

"When you're actually there and you win the first game, you get momentum through the tournament and you start believing in each other, and let's go and make Australian history to be the team to go this far.

"Thankfully we all stuck together and got the job done."

Holmes believes the consistency of the Olyroos squad and the togetherness of the team was a big part in securing qualification in Thailand.

"At the end of the day, for the last two or three years it's been the most consistent team in terms of players selected and players being around each other," he said.

"So we all knew each other very well and you could see that on the pitch. Even the boys that didn't play, including myself, it didn't bother us. We're all so close as mates and we knew the bigger goal wasn't that everybody had to play.

"Whatever the manager thought, whatever Arnie wanted to do to get us there... we all stuck by his decisions and all believed in one another."

The impact of Socceroo boss Graham Arnold, as well as the support of the Socceroos coaching staff, also played a vital role in securing an Olympic berth, according to Holmes.

"When you've got Arnie and the whole Socceroos backroom staff - Clarkey (Andrew Clark) and Tony Franken as the goalkeeping coach... even the little things, the sports science and all the physios, the kit man, everyone from the Socceroos staff came down and brought that sense to us young boys that we're not that far away," the 22-year-old said.

"There's a reason why Arnie took us and wants to bridge the gap between the first-team boys and the Under-23s. He's opening a big door for all of us and just brings a sense for the younger lads that just after this you're not going to be written off and that's it.

"There is a pathway and he has seen us and knows what we can. It's a special feeling, I don't many countries that do put this stuff in place. Arnie is there, not only as a manager but as a friend and as a supporter as well.

"He wants us all to do well and that's really nice to have."