Bid Organiser Michael Caggiano said the team has been working in overdrive behind the scenes to get the deal across the line in time for the August 31 deadline.

“This would be a significant agreement that would give this club international credibility,” Caggiano said today.

Caggiano said the Canberra and capital region is renowned for producing football talent and this partnership would act as a stepping stone to European football, and conversely an opportunity for the backing club to enter into the Asian football market.

“Part of the partnership would involve opening up a pathway to elite football for the club’s best young talent,” he said.

“This would also open up a revenue stream for our club through player transfer fees.”

Caggiano said he was excited with how well the bid was placed with just one month to go before deadline.

He added: “Expanding the A-League isn’t just about adding new teams, it’s about opening the game up to a bigger geographic footprint.

“The capital region is the biggest region without an established A-League presence.

“A team from the ACT and southern NSW region will open the A-League up to a whole new geographic area – with new fans, sponsors, markets and players.

“We are doing everything possible to bring all of that together.”