Backers behind the Canberra bid say they have a "clear path" to join the A-League, as the team look to secure a deal at FFA's next board meeting in February.

Canberra is understood to be the only bid continuing discussions with the sport's governing body, casting doubt over the mid-term future of other unsuccessful bids Team 11, South Melbourne and the seemingly defunct Southern Expansion.

"It's not if but when we get a team. We're meeting them again next week, that's how fast this is moving," bid partner Michael Caggiano told The Age.

"We left the meeting with a clear path to Canberra being in the A-League and our plans are towards kicking off in 2020-21 season.

"The next step for us is to working with FFA to make sure we give them everything they need to give us a licence and we’re doing that in the next two months."

FFA chair Heather Reid previously said that Canberra would join the A-League within two years.

The Australian capital bid was narrowly defeated by Macarthur South West Sydney and West Melbourne in FFA's selection of two expansion bids, but already boast 8,000 provisional members.

“The enormous wave of support the bid has received left the FFA with no doubt about the region’s enthusiasm for the game," Caggiano continued.

“The foundation members will play an integral role in developing this club, they will choose the name, colours and build the culture from day one.

“We are planning a range of events and activities for the members to take part in as we build our momentum, I encourage all football fans to get involved.

“We were also pleased to hear that David Gallop had received a large number of passionate and constructive letters of support from the community.

"It was good to hear the movement we have created has started to resonate at the highest levels of the game.  Thank you to those who reached out to David in a passionate and constructive way."