Lancaster said his main focus is on his team staying true to their values and delivering a performance they can be proud of.

"We had a fantastic game against Jordan," he said.

"They’re a good team, they’ve beaten Australia. We have to stick to our values – hard work, knowing you job, doing your job and helping your teammates do theirs."

The Englishman admits he got a lot of confidence after watching the Socceroos match against Nepal in Canberra.

"I thought it was going to be a bit more than that [5-0]," he said.

"They’ve got fanatstic players, some teams you can predict the line-but it's difficult with Australia because they've got so many good players.

"It [getting a result] would be absolutely incredible. I said to the players winning looks like three points, it looks like one point. But actually it's OK to lose to Austalia brcause it happens in football, you can't win every game.

"But we can’t lose to ourselves and to our values – which is hard work, know your job, do your job, help others with their job. And If we can do that then it will certainly be a performance we and the country can be proud of.

"And if 20,000 kids start playing football becauee of that, then surely that’s the biggest victory of all. Surely that’s more important than points."