The 49-year-old had been aiming high, nominating for the FFA Chairmanship but revealed his reasons for his withdrawal on Friday evening on Twitter.

Foster wrote: "It has become clear that I do not have the necessary support to succeed in my candidacy for the FFA Board and as Chairman of FFA."

Foster had been running his campaign over the past few weeks following Steven Lowy's resignation following intense pressure.

The ex-Socceroo said the game was in danger without "strong, independent leadership" and called on the wider football community to continue to energise the game.

Foster added: "The game is not yet ready for a former player as Chair. Not yet. It need not be me, but an important process has begun.

"I will work with our former players to identify and prepare others and it will be necessary, in time, for the real change we crave.

"We need to continue this groundswell of passion and inclusion to make this game truly accountable to us all. It currently is not. Despite the change that has occurred, many things remain the same.

"Football does not need a protest vote or candidate, we need unity, which is why I've decided to step away."