It was star marquee and rumoured Melbourne Victory-destined Eric Bautheac who did the damage, two quickfire strikes in the first half sealing the win before a 94th minute red card.

But it was Davies' insistence on playing youth - particularly the likes of Zach Duncan, Dylan Wenzel-Halls and Isaack Powell - that made the victory so impressive.

"There's a lot of young players out there. I thought Zach Duncan was excellent, I have to acknowledge that, but there's a lot of other teenagers out there I have to acknowledge," Davies said.

"Maybe we'll call off the NPL game tomorrow because we'll need a few more. We're playing enough of them at the moment, but what a fantastic opportunity for these boys to go out and express and they did.

"Sometimes when you're in a team like us you can play with freedom, but there's a pressure as well.

“You can learn from losing games but tonight we can learn from winning games as well and learning to win a game."

While Wellington launched a late resurgence after Steven Taylor notched the Nix back into the contest on the 53rd, Mark Rudan's side couldn't convert a flurry of chances, resulting in Brisbane's fourth win of the year. 

“Yes they had a couple of chances late on, I understand that and acknowledge it, we did the other way as well so we could have nicked a couple in the second half as well," Davies said.

“Overall emotion is proud of the players, we’ve had three teenagers in the starting 11, two 21-year olds up top and the subs are all 21 and under as well...we’ll keep on going to the end and tonight was an example of that.

“I thought we were excellent first half and I thought to be honest we should have been a couple more up,” he said.

“Their keeper’s pulled off a world class save in the first 10 minutes. We spoke about coming out the same in the second half but they scored a good goal….and playing with a lot of young players out there, it’s a massive learning curve for them tonight.”