Today, the proud Queenslander, former A-League defender and NPL coach arrives back on the Micronesian island of Guam to start his second year as national team coach with the Guam Football Association.

He is believed to be the only Australian head coach of a FIFA national men’s team other than Graham Arnold of Australia.

And while Dodd, 38, would ordinarily be a strong candidate for the vacant Brisbane Roar position if back in Australia, the former defender is instead working incredibly hard and getting a unique football education that will surely help him in the future in the A-League.

First off. Where is Guam?

It’s an often-asked question of Dodd. Guam is a US island territory in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific with a population around half of the NSW Central Coast. It’s around 3-4hrs flying time from most major Asian cities.



“I’m lucky to get five hours’ sleep. I’m up early communicating or texting to our players in the US because of the time difference. We have a number of our squad based there, around 50%. So I’m watching their games or talking with them. The time difference is minus 13-17 hours.


“I’ll then get a coach’s breakfast, which is a coffee and whatever you can eat on the way to the office. And unfortunately, the coffee here is terrible, not going to lie! So any Aussie baristas, please apply for work in Guam!


“It’s my admin part of the day, organizing and booking players’ flights, planning, general admin stuff, planning training sessions. In this job, I do everything just about. I don’t have a team manager so … you wear a lot of hats. The amount of planning and detail in international football, you’ve got to get it right.