In the official Hyundai A-League 2013 Grand Final souvenir programme - available to buy here now - de Bohun reveals the season's showpiece is the blockbuster climax to the A-League.

And no matter what the AFC may say - who rated the Premiers Plate higher when it came to Champions League places  - the Premiership will always be second place to the Championship in Australia, according the the FFA.

"The Championship is the most important prize in Australian football, and the Grand Final the most important day," the recently appointed Head of A-League told the official matchday programme.
"Australian football has a rich history going back more than 100 years, and Grand Finals have been a huge part of this history.
"I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the pioneers of football in Australia – players who played back in the 50s and 60s and in the National League established in the 70s.
"All of those players recount how much they enjoyed playing football back in their time, and those that played in Grand Finals recount to a person how these were always the most important games of their seasons."
And he said nothing would divert Football Federation Australia from changing their focus on the season - and they were determined to give fans what they wanted, regardless of priorities overseas.
As a result the season would be tailored to the local landscape - and the Champioship would remain the supreme title in the A-League.
"In order for football to reach its full potential in this country and become the sport for all Australians, we must be very sharply focused on the marked in which we operate," he said.
"Australia is arguably the most competitive sporting and entertainment landscape per capita in the world, and football must become obsessive about giving our fans what they want in order to compete in this market.  
"By every measure, Australian football fans have shown time and time again through their attendances and broadcast viewership that grand finals are the most important days on the Australian sporting landscape. 
"In Australia, the home and away fixtures are a great opportunity for clubs to jostle for position leading up to the business end of the season in the finals.  
"The team who is in the lead at the end of the home and away season is awarded the Premiers Plate – and the best description for that achievement is “winning” the Premiership."
He added:  "In a league where there is no promotion and relegation, it has been wonderful this season to see the fans of all but a couple of teams having something meaningful to cheer for right up to the last week before the finals.  
"That dream of holding the Championship Trophy aloft on Grand Final Day is clearly the most precious of all for player, coach, club and fan alike."
de Bohun also hailed the impact of Western Sydney Wanderers' Red and Black Bloc fanbase and the effect it has had on other fans too, as well as improved TV coverage.
"In many ways, the real success story have been the fans of Western Sydney Wanderers," he said. "Not only do they turn out in their red, black and white when the clubs plays at home in Parramatta, they also travel in great numbers as well.  
"Their active support of their on field heroes has become a benchmark for supporter groups across Australian sport. 

"With crowds growing, and the atmosphere at many games becoming electric, it also makes for a better broadcast spectacle. The support of FoxSports has once again been tremendous. 

"The work they have put into producing a world-class broadcast of the Hyundai A-League this season has no doubt had a significant impact on the excellent growth in ratings this year. 

"It is now well known that SBS will be joining us a free-to air broadcast partner next year, which will undoubtedly compliment the excellent on-going relationship with FoxSports and help build on the strong platform that FoxSports have established through their broadcast over the last eight years."  

And he paid tribute to the work done both on and off the field at Western Sydney Wanderers after the FFA gave it the green light just 12 months ago and then financed the fledgling side.

"I have heard David Gallop say a number of times now that the Western Sydney Wanderers fairytale is unprecedented – possibly anywhere in world sport," said de Bohun. "In many ways, this says it all. 

"Whilst the FFA was instrumental in helping establish the 'newest oldest club' in football, it is very important to note that the Wanderers now have an independent Board and Management and are run like any of other nine clubs in the Hyundai A-League separately from the FFA. 

"To this end, much of the credit for the early off-field success of the newest club in the competition must be taken by the Wanderers Board, and the management and staff led by Executive Chairman Lyall Gorman. 

"The appointment of Tony Popovic as the inaugural coach has clearly proven to be a masterstroke as one of the clubs first major decisions. 

"The playing group was virtually cobbled together on the eve of the season, with most available Hyundai A-League players already committed and contracted to their existing clubs. 

"To say that the players have exceeded all expectations so far would be an understatement.  For all their hard work, though, the biggest prize of all still awaits them on Hyundai A-League Grand Final day. "

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