Glory led in most of the stats that mattered apart from the goals as Victory’s main men Ola Toivonen and Keisuke Honda helped the boys in navy blue over the line.

Perth still have a six-point lead on the table, but Victory’s win means there is pressure on Sydney FC as the host the Big Blue next week.

“It wasn’t our best footballing game, but I think after speaking to the boys, we have to win the games we don’t play in as well,” Donachie said.

“We came away with a good result last night and one we really needed going into the next couple of games. It was a big result last night.

“It was a good grind out, it wasn’t the prettiest football game and sometimes the games at the top of the table aren’t the prettiest football. To go there and to get a result was a main thing.”

Donachie also added the win was a confidence booster.

“It was just the timing of the game and that we were away to Perth,” he said.

“Assistant coach Carlos Perez Salvachua said before the game that it would define the end of our season, so it was a must win game for us.

“We go against Sydney next week who are just sitting in front of us on the table, so we needed to win the Perth game, so we can go into that game to make second. It’s a big win for us at a very good time.

“Ola and Keisuke stood up and did what they were here to do last night. Ola’s free kick was just a class goal and Honda stood up and finished the penalty like everyone expects him to do.

“Going into games like that, it’s just that little bit of that 1% will make a difference, so it was good to see those boys stand up last night.”

It was the first time Donachie had played alongside Georg Niedermeier in the backline and he was keen to play more games with the defender.

“It was really good playing with him, he pulled off an unbelievable tackle in the first-half,” he said.

“He was solid and he showed his experience and it was good playing next to him.”