The Phoenix captain praised excellent recent performances from Wellington Phoenix goalkeepers, which has helped the Nix through a slight dip in form following a series of sensational results.

"The keepers have done really well over the past few weeks and they get paid to do that," Durante said sardonically.

"I'm really happy that Ollie's (Sail) played so well, putting a lot of pressure on Filip now for the number one spot. Two good keepers.

"If we could go through games where they do nothing, I'm sure they'd say that's better for them as well. We've been okay but we want to be better. We'll try to make sure we minimise Victory to a minimum number of shots."

Durante was eager - at least as eager as he ever seems - to focus on the improvements Mark Rudan's Wellington side have made since last season.

He took the opportunity to reflect on how much more difficult his role was under previous coach, Darije Kalezic.

"(Consistency) is key to being successful, to have that consistency and perform well when we know that the same guys are going to line up next to you," he said.

"You can work in training and build a good chemistry. I'm really enjoying it, last year I had no idea who was going to be playing next to me, left side or right side."

As the league's all-time leading appearance maker, Durante also praised the responsibility Rudan's attacking formation places on his shoulders.

"I love my position (centrally in a back three), I've played it before with the All Whites and previous clubs, when Mark Rudan decided to play that, it suits me to a tee," Durante continued.

"Leadership was one focus, as was recruiting strong characters. We worked hard on the mental side, we went to army camps, we pushed ourselves to the limits, our fitness levels are the best they have ever been.

"You saw glimpses in the early rounds of what we could achieve, we knew it was going to be a slower process.

"But when we started dominating, it's been fantastic. It's been a success story."