The first centred on the Premier League game between Tottenham and West Ham in November when there were allegations of anti-Semitic chanting and crowd trouble with a number of arrests made after the fixture.

As well as this, the FA has also ended their investigation into Millwall after footage obtained by Sky Sports News during the club's games with Birmingham City and Leeds United that showed members of the public making offensive and racist remarks.
A number of arrests were made in both cases and the FA warned in a statement that it would consider pressing charges if such incidents happen again.
"Both matters were the subject of separate police investigations and concerned the use of racist and/or offensive language and/or gestures by supporters of West Ham United and Millwall respectively," the FA said.
"The FA’s own enquiries were not finalised until the conclusion of the police investigations, both of which resulted in arrests being made and charges issued against supporters of West Ham United and Millwall.
"Consideration will be given to taking disciplinary action against both West Ham United and Millwall if further reports of spectator misconduct are received, however, no charges are to be issued to either club in relation to these isolated incidents."