Social media video revealed Storm fans shouting, singing and playing drums with no social distancing in the stands for their game against the Rabbitohs at the Melbourne stadium.

But authorities have so far refused to allow similar support for Melbourne Victory or Melbourne City games.

Angry A-League fans branded the move "discrimination" against football and blasted the "double standards and hypocrisy" of venue management and police.

A statement from Melbourne Victory CEO Trent Jacobs ahead of the NRL game yesterday flagged the ongoing problem and said their club was still in talks with authorities to see active support return to the stadium.

And that message was echoed in a statement this afternoon from Leagues Commissioner Greg O'Rourke.

"Weโ€™ve got the most passionate fans who create the best atmosphere and thatโ€™s what makes football in Australia so special," he said.

"The Westfield W-League Finals Series are weeks away, with the A-League Finals Series soon after, and we want fans to be able to enjoy those games with all the noise and colour they bring.

"We will continue to work closely with clubs, venues and police to make that happen as a priority.โ€

However late this afternoon, Melbourne City's active fans were told they can resume their support with flags and drums from their new location in the stadium, although social distancing and tarpaulins over sections of the seating are set to remain.

Standing and megaphones are understood to still be banned however.

Two hours before kick-off, O'Rourke confirmed the revised restrictions: "We welcome todayโ€™s decision which will allow Melbourne City to provide selected fan groups with drums and flags at AAMI Park this evening.โ€