Conn is Cricket NSW's Communications Manager, as well as a prominent voice within Australian sport. His 30,000 twitter followers - many of them assumedly not angry football fans - are privy to breaking news and expert opinion on all things bat-and-ball.

But controversially among the online Australian football community - the aptly named sokkahtwitter - Conn's account also provides a platform for some rather pious views on a rival code.

Conn's previously come under fire for repeated comments about Australian football, the A-League and fan violence, with some football fans perceiving Conn as a 'bandwagon-jumper', eager to use problems within the sport to further his anti-football ideology.

Many of Conn's own tweets against the beautiful game are unfortunately unavailable, although you get the idea.

While Conn's supposed mission to destroy football may or may not be overhyped,ย  unsurprisingly, he's born the brunt of significant backlash against cricket-culture in the wake of the Australian test side's ball tampering scandal against South Africa.ย 

Australia's former-captain, Steve Smith, has been stripped of his leading role while there have been doubts raised over the coach and opening batsman's futures altogether, in what many commentators are calling one of the darkest days in Australian sporting history.

Australia's foreign rivals and international commentators have already called the culture within Australian cricket 'disgraceful'. The response from Australian football fans, however, has been far more targeted...

ย Hell hath no fury like a football fan scorned.