QPR were relegated following a 0-0 draw with Reading in April, and Fernandes warned that instant promotion back to the top flight will not be easy.

He is also looking to review the club's policy on player recruitment, after a series of expensive failures in the transfer market.
"The beauty of next year - if there is a beauty - is I can do what I want," Fernandes told the Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle.
"We've always been chasing our tails trying to stay up. But if it has to be two years to get it right with the right players then we'll do it.
"If we spend to get out quickly, we can come back quickly. So it's a case of let's try and get the right players and right culture.
"Other things have a good foundation here, we haven't got that on the playing side."
QPR have won just four games this season, and currently sit bottom of the Premier League table with just one game remaining.
They finish their campaign with a trip to Anfield to play Liverpool on Sunday.