The London side drew 0-0 with Reading on Sunday at the Madejski Stadium, a result which ensured both teams were relegated to the Championship.

And Fernandes has revealed that thoughts have immediately turned to preparations for next season.

"Planning starts tomorrow. Meeting Harry at 11 to discuss squad. Going to be tough but we will come back stronger," Fernandes wrote on Twitter.

Fernandes also confirmed that he won't be leaving the club after apologising to fans for relegation.

"Sorry to all QPR fans. But the plan goes on. Now more than ever. We owe it to you. Took 3 years to get Caterham [Formula One team] right. No quitting," he added.

In his post-match press conference, Redknapp conceded that QPR will find it difficult to bounce back in the Championship next term.

"Next year it will be very difficult to get promoted, there are some good teams," he said.

"For us to get promoted we have to come back in pre-season and get super fit. The Championship is Saturday, midweek.

"If you are not fit enough you won't survive, you won't get out of that league. The players that are here have to work so hard and want to get super fit to compete next year.

If will be a big challenge, lots of good teams in the Championship. There are 15 big teams, it's a real good challenge."

The Englishman remains hopeful, however, of building a side capable of securing Championship success thanks to Fernandes' backing.

"I will get to see him [Fernandes] this week and we will have some meetings and talk about things going forward, with the team with the players," he added.

"I have said many times they are good people, so I would love to see them get back in the Premier League and build a team that will stay there next time."