Deloitte is UK-based financial firm - one of the 'big four' global accounting organisations - with key interests in a variety of Australian economic projects. 

FFA are seeking to employ their services to promote the opportunity of A-League expansion to global investors, with the eventual aim of safeguarding potential expansion clubs from financial insolvency.

Deloitte has extensive working-relationships with many Australian banks. Their accounting reports have recently been cited in the ongoing banking royal commission.

FFA CEO, David Gallop, said Deloitte's experience would be key to securing the long-term success of new A-League clubs. It's unclear how much the firm will be paid for its services.

“Deloitte have considerable expertise in this area and specific expertise through their Manchester office in football investment which is why we have engaged them,” Gallop said.

“We will ensure that all potential investors are aware of the process.”

“We can already see that there is genuine interest in the market, encouraged by the recent sale of Adelaide United, which demonstrated that A-League club licences have grown significantly in value over time.”