The four candidates were reviewed by the FFA's Nominations Committee. It included board member Joseph Carrozzi, Football NSW Chairman Anter Isaac, Melbourne Victory Chairman Anthony Di Pietro, PFA Chief John Didulica and FFA Women's Council member Janette Spencer. 

The two new board members will be elected following the departure of Kelly Bayer-Rosmarin and Crispin Murray who stepped down in October. 


Robyn Fitzroy is the Principal of Ixion Corporation, a consultancy group specialising in board governance and company development. 

Fitzroy was nominated by Football Tasmania and seconded by Football Queensland. 

She has over 20 years of experience in the banking and financial sector having previously been Executive Director of Macquarie Bank from 1992 till 2001 and is currently a non-executive director of Australian credit union Gateway Bank. 

Fitzroy holds a Bachelor's Degree in Arts from Macquarie University and a Diploma in Information Technology and Business Application from the esteemed Harvard University.

If elected, Fitzroy would be the only board member with 'technology experience or qualification', which is a criteria on the Congress Review Working Groups' qualifications matrix. 

She doesn't have football running through her veins but she brings with her business and financial acumen which may help plug the gap of financier Crispin Murray. 


Shane Healy has a wealth of experience in communications having been General Manager of radio stations 3AW, 6PR in Perth and Southern Cross Broadcasting. 

He has been Director of Media Communications at Catholic Archdiocese in Melbourne since 2015 and was nominated by Newcastle Jets and seconded by Melbourne Victory. 

Healy has made a career in the media industry but his formal qualifications fall in the range of education. He holds a Master's Degree in Education Administration and taught at Catholic College Bendigo in Victoria. 

Healy enjoyed some time as a sports broadcaster and director while cutting his teeth at 3AW in the early 1990s calling VFL and AFL matches. 

The board candidate, according the the Daily Telegraph, is focused on expanding revenue streams for the FFA with "key areas of rights management and negotiations and the sourcing of sponsors and revenue" 

This is a necessary goal following the separation of the FFA and the A-League which severed the federation's biggest revenue stream. 

He boasts a significant amount of marketing and communications experience at senior level. 


John Marinopoulos is Melbourne born and bred. He achieved a Master's Degree in Science Statistics at Monash University. He is a corporate strategist currently working as an advisor at accounting firm PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PWC) where Joseph Carrozzi is managing partner. 

Marinopoulos founded infrastructure intelligence firm Strategic Intelligence Group but it was acquired by PWC back in 2016. 

According to the Daily Telegraph, he wants to help unify the game, address the cost of football nationwide, and deliver facilities and improved infrastructure. 

His background as a strategist and current role as Principal of Value Advisory Partners puts him in good stead. In that role he currently works with both the private and government sectors to identify and enhance value from infrastructure projects.

Marinopoulos takes an interest in a wide variety of sports including being an avid supporter of Liverpool FC and AFL club St Kilda. 


Wilshere has spent the last seven and a half years as CEO of the Migration Council of Australia following a career in political advisory and assistant positions. 

She was nominated by Football Victoria and seconded by Football South Australia. 

With board member Remo Nogarotto currently the only constituent with government experience as former state director of the NSW Liberal Party, Wilshere could add more government expertise. 

She served as Chief of Staff to Multicultural Affairs Minister (Maurie Ferguson MP), Minister for Sport (Sen. Mark Abib) and Minister for Innovation (Sen. Kim Carr) in Julia Gillard's second ministry. 

Wilshire holds to honours from Sydney University, a Bachelor of Economics and a Master's Degree in International Studies (China). 

Wilshere's government experience and connections may prove useful to the FFA which is currently turbo-charging its efforts in government relations.