The draw continued the interesting format of this year's FFA Cup.  

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, teams were separated into four Zones for the Round of 32 of this year's competition.  Five Round of 32 matches from Zones West and North have taken place, with the victors progressing to the the next round.  

The FA have decided that those five teams, alongside the winners of the yet to be played Adelaide City versus Perth Glory/Melbourne Victory match, would continue in the competition in a combined North and West Zones Round of 16.

The following was the result of the draw held on September 30, 2021 for those matches:

  • A-League side Brisbane Roar FC versus NPL Queensland Lions FC
  • A-League side Adelaide United versus NPL South Australia Adelaide Olympic
  • NPL Queensland side Gold Coast Knights versus A-League (Adelaide City v Perth Glory/Melbourne Victory)

There is much excitement at the match-ups that have been selected.  Two are local derby, with Brisbane's Roar facing Lions FC as well as Adelaide's United facing Olympic.  This should continue the drama and magic often associated with the FFA Cup.

The schedule for those games has yet to be announced. The schedule for the currently postponed games has also not come out yet.

Speaking of when the postponed FFA Cup games could be played, APL managing director and Sydney FC CEO Danny Townsend stated earlier this week during a Sydney FC members talk:

"We are in constant dialog with the FA who run that competition," said Mr Townsend. 

"They remain committed to completing the FFA Cup this season.  They have got a bit of an extended window with the AFC to have that competition complete by the new year in January. 

"We will probably see that completed through mid-week fixtures in concert with the A-League, as and when we all get started."

A total of eleven Round of 32 matches from Zones South and East, as well as two A-League Round of 32 qualifiers, have yet to take place and are currently postponed until safety to be played.


The FFA Cup’s strange format continues in Round of 16

The odd format for this year's FFA Cup will continue as A-League clubs take centre stage with the first Round of 16 Draw.