FFA compliance committee chairman Greg Griffin requested the minutes of board discussions about Stajcic's axing in January in his role of investigating how the governing body handles complaints.

The committee was set up last year as part of the boardroom coup which saw chairman Steven Lowy ousted and new chairman Chris Nikou promise a new era of transparency.

Griffin requested documents relating to Stajcic's dismissal to investigate how the matter had been handled.

On the day Stajcic was fired, the FFA issued a press release blaming the findings of surveys by the Professional Footballers Australia and One Watch for their swift decision to  terminate his contract immediately.

"FFA recently conducted a number of confidential surveys to evaluate the standard of the Senior Women’s National Team environment and culture," said the press statement on January 19.

"This included a Wellbeing Audit conducted in partnership with PFA, as well as a Gender Equality Culture Survey conducted by Our Watch.

"The surveys, along with other inquiries of players and staff, have led FFA to determine that the team environment is unsatisfactory and that a change in leadership is required to improve the culture and provide every opportunity for the team to perform to its full potential."

But the FFA last week backtracked on the reasons for Stajcic's dismissal after legal action by the former Matildas boss which also saw him get a humbling apology by the FFA deputy chair Heather Reid for her comments to journalists about allegedly secret reasons for his sacking.

The governing body now insists they simply wanted a change of direction with the head coach at the Women's World Cup.

And Griffin's request for more information has been stonewalled by Gallop who now denies Stajcic was axed after a complaint.

According to The Australian, the FFA CEO told Griffin: “The basis upon which you have sought access to confidential board documents is therefore in the respectful view of the FFA board misconceived."

Griffin fired back: “To be blunt, I find your response not only unacceptable but dismissive of what are entirely proper matters raised.

“I think the board has made a serious error in judgment but it is not one that cannot be addressed and remedied. I therefore urge the board members to reconsider the position they have taken.’’

The row has blown up again in the midst of the Matildas' World Cup campaign which saw them lose their opening clash 2-1 against unfancied Italy, and now needing at least a draw against Brazil on Friday morning to ensure their passage to the next round.

New Matildas coach Ante Milicic came under serious criticism in the wake of the result for the changes he's made in tactics at such short notice before the tournament.

Matildas legend Heather Garriock dubbed the switch in style "disastrous".