Jets fans in the Squadron staged a protest over Newcastle's dismal defence of the A-League Championship this season by hanging their banners upside down at this weekend's game against Perth Glory.

But midway through the first half, security were ordered to take down the banners and five fans including Tim Verschelden, president of the Squadron, were summoned to Con's private box.

"Con abused every one of us, telling us we were nobodies, that we were worthless and threatening to ban Tim for life if he so much as opened his mouth, not to mention threatening to throw him off the balcony," said FourFourTwo blogger, Nigel Bosworth, one of those summoned.

"I have never in my life seen a more pathetic display. No one should ever have to put up with that sort of abuse, let alone the most loyal supporters of the club.

"It was a disgusting display and has forever widened the distance between the club and its supporter base."

He added: "The situation came about because we’d hung our banners upside down.

"[It was] a relatively benign form of protest, not aimed specifically at anyone, just a message stating we’re not happy.

"Given the state of the team on and off the pitch I don’t think anyone can say we are out of line with our mild protest. We’re not getting violent, we’re not ripping flares.

"It disgusts me to see a club that I support, and that represents the town I grew up in, be so low to people over an issue as trivial as a few banners turned upside down.

"Many of us have had a go at the club over their problems in the past few weeks, but up until the events that we witnessed on Sunday, we've held out hope that this was just an anomaly, just a bad year in the rollercoaster-ride history of football in Newcastle.

"I don’t think it’s possible to repair the damage done by this man, at least not in the short term."

Today the FFA confirmed they were aware of the reported confrontation and would be taking it further.

"This alleged incident has been brought to our attention and we are looking into it," said a spokeswoman.

Newcastle Jets declined to comment or deny the fans' version events to

Picture courtesy of Peter Kennelly