The state federation has lifted the lid on a series of schemes they believe clubs are using to try to get round regulations and make parents pay more.

It has warned against clubs charging parents a rego fee – and then giving them a book of raffle tickets to sell as well to top up the club income. If they don't sell the whole book, parents may be expected to pay the difference themselves.

Likewise, other clubs may be insisting parents top up their kids' rego fees with the cost of tickets to a mandatory end of season presentation night...whether or not they want to go, or can even make it.

Football NSW have also set a hard limit on rego fees in a bid to keep costs under control for parents.

Next season clubs will not be allowed to charge more than a set amount, which will be announced shortly, says the federation.

Anything above that amount will need to be voluntary, and all rego fees must be clearly broken down to show how much is going to the club as well as how much goes to the FFA, FNSW and on insurance.

"Clubs must ensure this is made very clear in any relevant communication with players and/or their parents (or guardians), and the breakdown of that fee must also appear on the club’s website," said FNSW.

Any clubs caught scamming parents could see them kicked out the federation, or else fined and/or have points deducted.

"Clubs must not impose any fees or charges above the capped player registration fees set by Football NSW unless payment of those fees is completely voluntary," said FNSW.

"And clubs must not suggest that the total fee paid by the player is the 'Football NSW Registration Fee'.

"The capped player registration fee set by Football NSW is the total maximum registration fee that a club may charge (clubs may charge less if they so choose) which is not the Football NSW Registration Fee."

It added: "Any complaints against clubs in relation to non-compliance with the requirements around capped player registration fees will be treated seriously and, if substantiated, clubs will be sanctioned by Football NSW.

"Any allegation that a club has not selected a player or released a player because their parents are unwilling to pay any additional fees or charges will also be treated seriously and sanctions may be applied."