Saad said he was looking to coach overseas but that plan has been stopped by the Coronavirus.

"I had some offers to go back to Asia," he said.

"Obviously with the whole Coronavirus situation so things aren’t going to happen. I’d like to get back into coachig. I just wanted a little break. I’ve had that and now I’m itching to get back into coaching once again.

"If I can get back into an NPL job I’d be more than happy, but if there’s an A-League slot if I can get in there, maybe. Maybe as an assistant first to get myself back in there. I’m not worried about that, I know I can coach on my own. I think I’ve proven I can do that.

"I don’t have a big ego to go in there and [would be happy to] be part of a dual coaching role with the head coach. I know I can improve a lot of things, I think I’ve got a lot to offer in that sense and I’m proved it."

Saad believes there are plenty of quality coaches in the NPL across Australia who could thrive in the A-League.

"There is some really good talented coaches in the NPL who should be given opportunities," he said.

"We’re up to the game and we’ve proven we can coach. But we have to be looked at. I know there’s a lot of my fellow coaches who’ve done a great job coach ingin the NPL.

"We’ve got so much to give."