Yesterday FFA – the 100% owners of the North Queensland A-League club - announced after much speculation that Fury would be axed from the league.

After considering the financial position of the club FFA said that running the club would be too much of a financial risk to undertake adding that they had a responsibility to all clubs in the A-League and funding Fury in excess of $2m reduced the capacity to invest in the A-League as a whole.

“Despite the hard work put in, the target of $1.5m of capital from the Retain the Fury campaign was not met, with less than $300,000 being pledged,” said FFA CEO Ben Buckley.

"Whilst the club and the advisory board had attracted some very encouraging sponsorship commitments, the projected loss to run the club next season is still in our assessment in excess of $2m."

However today Fury’s advisory board hit back at those claims saying they’d been given assurances of a two-year guarantee of existence and that FFA withheld financial information from the board.

"A couple of weeks ago when we had a hook-up with the FFA, we were left in no uncertain terms by the FFA that we had done everything we possibly could to save the Fury," board member Peter Brine said.

"Their comment was 'you guys have been excellent, you have done everything you can now, leave it with us'.

"We have not heard anything back from the FFA about that at all until yesterday when they told us we were $2 million short.

"If we are $2 million short and they know we are $2 million short two weeks ago, why didn't they let us know?"

Brine added that the FFA ought to be put under the microscope for the decision which has sparked furious debate among fans.

"They care about football but it's clear that at this moment in time, Fury and North Queensland is not on their radar," Brine said.

"They told us for the first time that they want to use the funds that they were projecting for Fury to go elsewhere and prop the league up, which to me is a bad investment and to the detriment of the growth of the game.

"There needs to be a completely independent review of the decision they made yesterday," he added.

"If there is no independent review on the FFA and what they have done to the Fury, then they can just do that to any club."