The move comes in the wake of the weekend's Sydney derby fury that saw Western Sydney Wanderers denied a goal over a controversial minor off-the-ball incident.

Referee Chris Beath scratched off Roly Bonevacia's strike after VAR alerted him to an off the ball collision between Jaushua Sotirio and Michael Zullo on the edge of the box.

Beath later claimed he had ruled it offside - but the ref signalled for a direct free kick for a foul.

The goal would have brought WSW back into the game to make it 2-1 with more than half an hour to play, but instead they lost 2-0.

WSW boss Markus Babbel was shown the first red card to a coach in the A-League when he reacted furiously to the decision, throwing his jacket to the ground, kicking a sideline hoarding and abusing match officials.

He was last night banned for one match over the incident, after just two games in the A-League.

Fans and pundits were also infuriated by the decision, with even many Sydney FC fans admitting the ref got it wrong.

Now Gallop has acknowledged there have been mistakes with VAR and vowed to address it with referees, but still insisted it was important to keep it.

"We are not unusual in sport that when you introduce technology there are teething problems," he said. "We need to make sure that people realise that there are great benefits to VAR.

"But we don't want to see decisions which are drawn out and you know effectively nitpicking around a piece of play.

"I'm asking Greg O'Rourke to speak to the referees this week and and just make sure that they are getting that balance right...

"[That] they are using it at the right times, at the times when it is needed, and perhaps not when it's an issue which could be determined quickly by the on-field referee and his assistant.

"It's gonna work when it's going to correct a clear mistake, that's the kind of situation that it was envisaged for."