Fowler, who joined Brisbane last year, decided to quit the club last month because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Under the Englishman, Roar had risen to fourth on the table and lost just once in its past seven games before the season was paused in March.

Young enjoyed his time under the former Liverpool striker, nicknamed 'God', but believes he and his teammates have responded well to the unexpected change.

"We’ve had to adapt," the goalkeeper told FTBL.

"The dynamic is slightly different but the players have pivoted pretty well in terms of driving the attitude of a hard-working mentality, and holding each other to account.

"The culture at the Roar is one where the players are taking ownership and delegating that shared leadership in the dressing room and that would have helped Darren and Warren have more of a seamless transition into that role.

"I quite enjoyed Robbie and his philosophy and what he was executing here at the Roar. I think the majority of the players would have enjoyed that as well; it would have been a case of it would have been great to finish what he started.

"But as we know in football things change so rapidly that that’s how it goes. I had a great sporting experience with him and Tony. The culture they brought to the club was a breath of fresh air."

Darren Davies and Warren Moon have been placed in charge of Brisbane following Fowler's exit.

Young said the pair have tried to continue the Englishman's plans, rather than rewrite the copybook mid-season.

"They’ve been trying to help it on, continue Robbie’s work," he said.

"I think that’s trying to provide a sense of continuity and consistency. They’ve been very facilitative and to give the players as much help as they can. It’s a difficult situation for them coming in when there’s four, five, six games left.

"They’re doing their best also. We’re all trying to pull together and compensate where we need to compensate for each other."