The FFA put out a statement in the morning informing that it will establish a Congress Review Working Group including all relevant Australia stakeholders with direct support from FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

The Congress Review Working Group’s establishment comes in light of FIFA’s visit last month and the organisation’s Committee Meeting on Monday whereby it made two objectives; to meet with all stakeholders and relevant interlocutors and define the terms of reference of the working group.

In a statement, the APFCA criticised the FFA for their statement which was “misleading” and represented a “disconnect from the information clearly communicated by the FIFA Deputy Secretary General”.

The APFCA noted that FIFA had not identified the FFA Board and Administration as a stakeholder in the Congress Reform process and pointed out that FIFA and the AFC will define the terms of reference of the working group.

APFCA chairman Greg Griffin slammed the FFA and again called for change.

“It is now glaringly obvious to all that the Gerrymander present within the FFA Board must be ended and for the sake of the whole of the Australian football family a new democratic dynamic be installed so that the whole game can grow through a new era of collaboration among all stakeholders and an FFA Board without self-interest,” Griffin said.

“The FFA Board needs to be accountable for their mishandling of this matter over the last 14 months and the way that our game has suffered as a result.”

Griffin also said the process should have been put in place by the FFA in March this year.