Glory travel to Melbourne on Boxing Day to take on Melbourne City the following day and will then travel to Spotless Stadium to face Western Sydney Wanderers on New Year’s Day.

Perth sit sixth on the table and Griffiths felt the next two games were a golden opportunity for the squad to keep fit and to pick up momentum without the privilege of celebrating New Years.

“There’s no family or anyone to guide you and lead you astray so we’ll be fed the right food and everybody should be up to peak condition once we get to Western Sydney,” Griffiths said.

“Playing in Melbourne and then flying to Sydney straight after, they’re two tough games and sometimes it gets the group together more and everyone on the same page again.

“There’s no excuses, we have to be 100 per cent professional… the fact we’re playing away from home is probably a good thing at the moment because it gives us the chance to go and work on a few things and to be resilient as a group.

“I think at this stage we’ve had a bad run and we sometimes getting away together can reignite the flame.”

Griffiths also said now was the time to act after being winless in the last four games.

The 28-year-old was not relying on a late 10-game winning run towards the end of the season in order to make finals.

“We don’t want to leave it too late and not rely on that situation, I’d rather win every week or every second week,” he said.

“The overall target has got to be in the six, we’re still amongst it… as bad as the whole situation feels, it’s not a crisis situation.

“Things can happen and you can go on a run like they did last year and all of a sudden you’re up in the top couple where you want to be.”