Darren Thompson, 22, a Hibernian fan has shocked nurses with his first words after a four-month stroke saying the words 'Hearts are s***'.

Thompson had lost all feeling in his left side of his body and it was soon discovered a blood clot on his brain had caused a stroke. 

After two operations to help drain the excess fluid in his brain, Thompson lived with tubes down his throat for three months and was unable to speak. 

After hearing nurses talking of how they supported Scottish football team Hearts, Thompson managed to say his first words uttering the phrase that shocked nurses. 

Five months later Thompson told the story of his first words since his stroke to Daily Record in the UK.

Darren said: "It was so scary not being able to speak. It's so hard to put into words what it's like not being able to speak."

"I was so confused, I didn't even know what was happening.

"But when I had a Hearts doctor looking after me, someone had said 'what's Hearts' and I just said 'Hearts are s***'.

"It felt so good to just hear my own voice again."

The Edinburgh derby between Hibs and Hearts is one of the oldest in world football with the first match between the two being played on Christmas day 1875.