Holman is best remembered for his two goals at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa against Ghana and Serbia in Socceroos colours.

The former Socceroo now returns to the A-League after a 14-year absence following stints in the Premier League and UAE.

Holman paid credit to how far Australian football has developed.

“With all the names that are coming back, we’re talking about last year Tommy Oar (Brisbane Roar), James Troisi (Melbourne Victory), Carl Valeri (Melbourne Victory) and James Holland recently with Adelaide United,” Holman said.

“I think it shows in a very positive way how the A-League is progressing, you’re talking about good quality players, national team players who are not choosing something else in that sense, but looking at the A-League and saying ‘this is a positive for my career’.

“It’s a massive compliment in that sense for the A-League to say this is how we’re progressing and we’re doing it in a good way because we’re attracting these sort of players back to our league.”

Holman touched on his memories playing for NSL side Parramatta Power in 2001-2002 and believed the domestic competition was always important for the Socceroos.

The 32-year-old said it was great to be in Brisbane, revealing the intensity at the club was hectic.

“If you can compare it then the NSL still developed great players and good players, I would almost say the majority back in the day of the NSL would have only been made up of Socceroos as well,” he said.

“Given that, the level and the standard of training that I’ve experienced so far with Brisbane, it’s high and it’s definitely up there and you can compare it to what I’ve experienced and what I’m used to in Europe.

“The A-League is getting closer now, so the expectation is starting creep up on everybody. The players are getting a bit more anxious and you can see that at training which is good, I’m just really excited to get my first taste of A-League football.”