Hutchinson, who was assistant to sacked boss Tony Walmsley departed last August, on the very day Okon took over.
A foundation player for the Mariners he admits: "I don't really have much to do with them at the moment, which is sad". 
Now an assistant coach for US second tier side Seattle Sounders FC 2, Hutchinson told Goal: "It was obviously tough.
"Once Tony got sacked and you know you're in limbo land because a new coach is going to come in and not want you, and all that kind of stuff."
The former Mariners skipper helped the club to a championship and two premierships, making more than 270 appearances for the side.
In a wide-ranging interview he told Goal: "I had myself prepared once Tony left I was going to lose my job. Okon didn't speak to me at all the whole time.

"So in terms of that, that was really disappointing. To be at a club for 12 years and the head coach can't even have a chat to you - that was really disappointing."