Jamieson hasn't played since the A-League shut down in March thanks to the Coronavirus.

During the break the fullback has been hitting the gym, working not on his skills but instead his physical and mental condition.

"For me in this period I haven't touched a football," he told the Football CULTURE  Local & GLOBAL podcast.

"People might think it is the best time to, and in most careers it is, but for me I've had to look back and see weaknesses that I might have had physically.

"It's been about tearing back a few layers of fitness and trying to get - I call it 'gut running' - in that gives you that strong base. That's been the key.

"In the gym, deficiences in my body whether it be my lower back or weaknesses in my glutes, that's the thing I've been working on.

"Prior to the league starting, say in three or four weeks, I'll definitely get back into the ball, but this kind of delay in the season has probably allowed me to focus on the body more."


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The 31-year-old has tried to look at the positives during the season pause.

"We're all in this together," he said. "There's no people that are doing it tougher - it's affecting everyone.

"For myself it's been challenging with our football club and the league we're in, trying to sort out our future with the running of the game. On a personal front, I've enjoyed it.

"It's been a time to restart, reset, do things possibly that I wouldn't have done because of the time issues that football brings. I've tried to look at from a positive point of view."