"I can’t have a normal job now from 9 to 5. I can’t process that, my head would be spinning. I can’t live a normal life. And honestly, I’m afraid of what the future holds. Will I become depressed and want to kill myself?

"I do fear maybe a dementia coming on. I am only 42 years old.”

FIFPRO is campaigning for an improved concussion protocol in professional football that  gives medical staff up to ten minutes to take a player to the changing room to decide if he has a concussion.

A temporary substitute could be used and return to the bench if the player is not diagnosed with a concussion and is fit to return to play.

“It is definitely a good move for the safety of the player," Didulica said.

"They should have done it a long time ago. Now that we have more information about concussion and more expert opinion, this shouldn’t even be debated. You need time to assess a concussion. And you need a quiet environment.

"The last thing you want to do is making a decision in 20, 30 seconds while in front of fans. You have to ask questions, you have to settle the player down and you have to make an educated decision."