Stajcic was dismissed last week amid accusations of bullying uncovered in player surveys but the FFA have refused to go into specific reasons claiming confidentiality concerns prohibited them.

Today though Despotovski blasted the FFA and told AAP: "The Matildas is one of the best brands in Australia, and all of a sudden they put it in jeopardy.

"Everybody is a laughing stock now – to the whole of Australia. It's just mind boggling."

The former A-League and NSL legend said he was no different from Stajcic in demanding high standards form his players - but if that was bullying then he should be sacked too.

"If that can happen, and the survey is an indication of we're sacking the coaches and the coaches are bullies because they have high standards for the players, then you know what, put me in that category because I'm a bully as well," he said.

"I have very high standards for my players, myself, and the club. So if that is classified in women's football as a bully, then I should get sacked. Simple as that, because I'm no different than Alen."

He added: "I was 100 per cent disappointed in FFA with how they handled the situation."