The Socceroos inclusion in the South American showpiece tournament was seen as a major coup for Australian football before the COVID19 pandemic threw global football into chaos.

The resulting financial impact across Australian football is still to be fully understood, however the Portsmouth star and fringe Socceroo doesn't hold high hopes.

"I don’t quite know what will happen now with the Copa America," he told Portsmouth's The News.

‘I’ve had some liaising with Football Australia and from what it looks like we aren’t going to participate in it.

‘We’re going to have to wait and see how it pans out because it’s not a must for us.

‘What everyone wants is to go to Qatar in 2022 so we have to get those qualifiers done. I think that’s an international view."

Williams predicted that international football fixtures would have to take a back seat to continuing club tournaments, given the revenue streams resulting from broadcasting arrangements.

"The (fixture) windows in October and November are probably going to get sacked off because that’s when the Premier League and other leagues are, not going to get this season finished, but get the next one up and running," Williams continued.

‘I think international football is going to have to take a back step compared to club football, at the highest levels especially.

‘We’ll get those games played eventually, but finishing this season is going to be more important at the moment."