Brisbane Roar defender Jade North's decision to fall to ground holding his face after a slight touch from Bruno Fornarolin in Saturday's 1-1 draw has been all the talk from Round Nine.

Earlier in the season, Neil Kilkenny’s simulation from Isaias caused a similar stir and he was condemned for his actions, but Jakobsen said he had seen worse after stints back home in Denmark, Netherlands, Spain and Norway.

“It’s not a big issue here,” Jakobsen said.

“I’ve seen worse, when I played in Spain it was hilarious sometimes, they get a small knock and people fall down like someone’s tried to take off their legs.”

Brisbane Roar coach John Aloisi said after the match that rules dictated play should be stopped if a player was holding their head, however, he did not blame City players for electing to play on.

Jakobsen said he urged his players to continue play before Nicolas Colazo equalised.

“The referee was standing above him, if he’s not blowing the whistle then we have to keep on playing, we can’t stop play,” he said.

“When I saw the situation he was right in Bruno’s face after he went down and I don’t like that kind of mentality, so I thought just ‘play on until the referee blows his whistle’.

“I’m used to doing it in Denmark when the referee has a clear vision of the situation and he sees there’s nothing dangerous happening, then you play on until he stops it.

“I haven’t seen the situation afterwards so I can’t say he simulated, but I don’t like it when people run up in other people’s faces like that.”